Walking all over people

by N. Baily

My mother is very dominant. She needs to be in control of every situation and needs to know that YOU know she’s in control.

This is by no means putting words into my father’s mouth, but from what I’ve seen my whole life, my parent’s marriage was doomed from the jump simply by the clashing of their personalities.

Daddy was a Marine. This alone should tell you his personality type. He’s dominant, but not obnoxiously so. He believes a man’s role is to lead his family. He was always the bread winner. My step mom is submissive to him. This is really where I got a real glimpse of what a woman should be to her husband. (Keep in mind, these are MY opinions of how a marriage should work. If your opinions are different, get your knickers out of a bunch)

Anyway, my mom is the type that always needs a man around. And not just any man. She needs one she can manipulate and browbeat constantly. One where she can do whatever she wants, and he stands there and asks if he can have more.

This is by no means my father…..or my new stepfather.

New stepfather is also a former Marine. He was married for 20 something years to a very Catholic, very submissive woman. He’s used to making all of the decisions for his household.

My mother was married, after my father, to my stepfather (the original) on and off for 30ish years. I swear that man (and I’m using the term man VERY loosely) put up with so much bullshit, it doesn’t surprise me he ended up being a cocaine addict and alcoholic. Hell, I need a drink if I’ve been around her too long!

Now, mother claims she’s done with original step dad, yet is friends with him on facebook , they message and email each other all the time, and call each other several times a day. If you were her new husband, wouldn’t you have real issues with this?!

When she married new step dad, I sent him an email telling him good luck with that shit. He had no idea what he’d just married. She would use him, suck the life out of him, then discard him just like she did everyone else in her life. He blew it off.

Now he’s getting a good healthy dose of how she can be. She can’t use his money/credit fast enough. They have a new house, 2 new cars, a new camper. They take trips all the time, because she wants to. They’re renovating their house completely. (Did I mention this is a NEW house?) Oh….and at the ripe old age of 57 years old, she has had a boob job. She’s almost the same size I am (34DDD). Keep in mind, she’s told me all my life that my boobs were just fat.

New step dad actually told her the other day that if she would stop being such a bitch, they wouldn’t have so many issues, I about fell In the floor laughing.

She uses everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re married to her, if she gave birth to you, or if you’re an acquaintance. She lost literally sucks the life out of you until you’re a shell of a person. I’m so glad I distanced myself from her. Granted, I had to learn how to again  when I moved back home, but thanks in major part to my husband and teenage boys, she’ll never do it again. Even if I can’t stand up, because sometimes she manages to put me back in the child role, they won’t stand by and allow her to walk all over me anymore.